Dec 2011 - Dec 2016

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Pluspace Project was established in December 2011 by Matthew Macaulay, in an abandoned office in Coventry city centre, in response to the lack of galleries in the city.

We have recently began to set up a new project space in Coventry called 'CLASS ROOM' which aims to encourage the exchange of ideas from artists in the local area. This new space has a local focus, but it will be a platform for dialogue with visiting artists/artists groups who will be invited to show.

Artists Exhibited since 2011

Bruce Asbestos /Andrea Bergart /Jonathan Baldock /Frances Disley /Dave Evans /Justin Fitzpatrick /Hannah Knox /Erin Lawlor /Matthew Macaulay /Arvid Boecker /Christian Manss /Graham Chorlton /Damir Sobota /Lisa Denyer /Gwennan Thomas /Mircea Teleagă /Katrin Mäurich /Jai Llewellyn /Jeff Dellow /Terry Greene /Matthias Bausch /Karl Bielik /Edward Clayton /Judith Farr /Marielle Hehir /Phillip J Mellen /Fran O'Neill /Winnie Seifert /Sabine Tress /Liz Ainslie /Ky Anderson /Lauren Collings /Meg Lipke /Phoebe Mitchell /Peter Shear /Tracy Thomason /David Ainley /Ralph Anderson /Chris Baker /Dominic Beattie /Andrew Bick /Katrina Blannin /Claudia Boese /Julian Brown /EC /Ben Cove /Clem Crosby /Pen Dalton /Andrew Graves /Susan Gunn /Alexis Harding /Sue Kennington /Sarah R Key /Ellie MacGarry /Sarah McNulty /Mali Morris /Andrew Parkinson /Aimee Parrott /Marion Piper /Clare Price /Geoffrey Rigden /Trevor Sutton /David Webb /Mary Webb /Gary Wragg /Jack Foster /David Manley /Rachael MacArthur /Marcus Cope /David Beumont /Valerie Brennan /Sophie Rees /Melanie Russell /Brendan Lancaster /Joe Packer /Gordon Dalton /Mark Kennard /Joanna Phelps /Dan Roach /David Ryan /Daniel Earey /Ben Sanderson /Andy Haselden /Nicholas Dedics /Mark Dillon /Cormac Faulkner